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 Me Behind The Art

I understand the force of the human spirit, and recognize that each individual has the power to influence the world for the better.


When I was just 17 years old, I lost my mother and gathered the courage to  fly alone to a foreign country. After departing from my homeland Ukraine, I was essentially in survival mode for several years to forge my own life. These times made it necessary to be a strong, independent, and brave woman in order to face the challenges put in front of me.


Now, after cultivating a life of my choosing, I have been able to explore my creativity to the fullest. Chasing what I wanted took courage and I happily enjoy the labor of being a professional artist. Everybody has a voice, but very few have the means to express it. For me, art is an instrument that inspires people and offers them a chance to sound their voice!


Art shouldn’t necessarily be charming to influence change in the world. Instead, art should evoke different emotions in each individual who looks at it and ultimately guide them to their purpose.

“Painting is not for decorating room it’s a weapon” - Picasso

About The Artist

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Yulia is a proud and happy mom of two little boys. She paints every day in her studio and tries to inspire people not to be afraid to go after their dreams and make a change in their life.


Yulia uses her talent and time to motivate people to go after their passion and see the world's beauty. Through her paintings, she focuses and airs her voice on the prevailing issues around the globe, like ethnic racism and war. She particularly paints collections dedicated to the Ukrainian war and the African girls highlighting racism and "Black Lives Matter".


Yulia aims to leave her mark on the world by creating unique artwork and is currently working on a Ukrainian collection, cardboards collection and sculptures. In the future Yulia wants to open a big gallery in Provence and paint the best painting of her life!

Yulia's Story

Born and raised in Ukraine and now living in Israel, she served in the army and acquired unmatched resilience that has seen her through the thin and thick of life. While working as a developer and technical consultant with an American Company, Yulia felt the urge to do more with her talent in art and painting. She gathered her courage, embarked on a transformational journey, and diligently worked towards building her brand and career in arts. Yulia later attended Milan Art Institute for a Mastery program, where she further honed her skills and repackaged herself.


Yulia primarily creates her artworks on stretched canvas and sometimes on other surfaces like carpets or paper in oil techniques over mixed media. She also loves designing and painting little sculptures.


Today, her paintings are in galleries and have also found their way into the popular Israeli magazine "Laisha." Yulia has been fortunate to attend many exhibitions in Israel and abroad and bagged 1st  place in the international “Golden Time Talent” in London. She had a solo exhibition in Provence, France, and was invited to an online international art festival for children “Kodukko” as a speaker and mentor.


A member of the Netaniya’s artists association, Yulia's contribution and achievements in the industry have been revolutionary, unique, and inspirational. She has proudly painted the more often women as strong, intelligent, mysterious, and independent in mix or apart with nature and animals.

As a highly prolific and full-time professional artist, Yulia Cohen is passionate about lighting people's hearts and homes with colours, warmth and love.
Painting in interior, Unique art. Wall design
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